Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Skin

There is absolutely nothing better than a summer of good friends and cheap fun.

Steps to success:
1) Go with the flow; embrace every opportunity.
2) We have cars! Seriously, you cannot top a car ride with the windows rolled down and your favorite song. I love it when someone else is driving... you can close your eyes and take time to just feel.
3) Drink enough beer to always be smiling. And if for some reason you think you will be a sad drunk, always start with a Mike's Hard Lemonade. At least you taste the spirit of fun.
4) Being higher is always better. Take that how you will, but I'm talking sitting on the roof, climbing a tree, or hanging out on the second story deck. Being somewhere up gives you perspective, and the breeze will getcha every time.
5) Breathe with your nose. Summer smells like tan skin-full of sun, wind off the water, BBQs, sunscreen, fruity hair--it's just good to keep an open nose.
6) Read books because it's fun to again.
7) Stay up late because that's when you grow close to people. Secrets are always better under the cover of the night.
8) Find your friends without texting them or making previous plans. Just knock on their door, simple as that.
9) Eat fruit because it's in season and it tastes so right.
10) Make a fool of yourself. The sun makes people loopy, weird, and spontaneous. Take advantage of that.

Just my thoughts on summer...take it how you will. :)

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