Friday, July 19, 2013

ER and ET

THIS IS THE SUMMER OF 2013, BAYBEE! I just finished my sophomore year at Kalamazoo College, getting ready to go to Ecuador, visiting friends and making new ones...this is what dreams are made of! Right when I think that I won life, the plot twist happened. I started bruising like a banana in the sweet summer sun. My body speckled with black and blue, over ripened if you will. Like a fairy could have sneezed on me, and I would wake up with a bruise. Now, usually I don't go in to the doctor. I think, "if you don't go to the doctor, then nothing can be wrong with you." Well, I am probably an idiot.

So my concerned mom, bless her heart she is a saint, booked some doctor's appointments to get me back in working order. On Tuesday, I skipped on over to my appointments and pretended I was an adult for a couple of hours. My two doctors were not liking what they were seeing. So they ordered a few more blood tests along with the usual battery of others.

I went in, got the blood tests, came back home, LET'S GO TO GREEN ZONE PIZZA.

*ring, ring* 

 I saw the caller ID reading, "S. John's Hospital." And I quickly picked up the line.


"Hi, is this Miss Stevenson?"

"Yes it is."

"You need to go to the ER immediately."

The picture is of my ET finger. I think they were trying to check my pulse.

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